Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Roughing it Ranch Style


I love dressing up for the holidays! Nothing makes me more happy than sparkle, gold and girly dresses.  But this year I'm headed down to my parents Ranch for Turkey Day. So, while I will be glitzy and glam for our Thanksgiving dinner (pictures to come) the rest of the time I will be roughing it ranch style with my adorable nieces and nephews. Beanies, boots, jeans and jackets are a must for feeling comfy and keeping up with the kids! 

I am obsessed with this Vince Camuto jacket! In my experience, when wearing puffy coats I shall I say this? PUFFY!!! With this jackets cinched belt the puff is nowhere in site (until Thanksgiving dinner starts) even so, with the elbow patching, leather and gold details I feel nothing but Country Chic and most importantly staying warm in style!! Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

 | Jacket: Vince Camuto | Jeans: Rich & Skinny | Boots: Sophya | Beanie: North Face |
| Glasses: Tory Burch |

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Easy Guacamole Recipe

4 Avocados mashed
1/4 cup Salsa
1/4 cup chopped tomatoes
1/2 squeezed lime
Salt to taste

Serves 2 (or one if you're a guacamole lover like me:)

Enjoy with favorite tortilla chips or crackers! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

My crush on Cabo continues (part two)

Here are some more of my Cabo looks, beach adventures and pictures of Cabo Azul Resort & Spa where I stayed. The interior decorating and design of the rooms and hotel are like nothing I've ever seen in all my stays in Mexico! I have always loved wearing black & white. I don't know if I like wearing it or decorating with it more? Decisions are hard. Let's just call it a tie! 

Forever 21 Skort for less than $10! Deals make me happy! :)

While walking on the beach we ran into a baby sea turtle hatchling and migration! I seriously felt like I was on Animal Planet! It was so amazing! I wanted to take one of those babies home with me. So cute! 

These sequin shorts were another Forever 21 find under $10!! 

Love how this coffee table pops against all the black & white. I also love all the the amazing deals I got on my looks for this trip! All the money I saved on my outfits I can put towards coming back to this paradise! Until next time Cabo....

Look 1-   | Skort: Forever 21(see like) | Top: Nordstrom | Shoes: (see like) |
Look 2-   | Sequin Shorts: Forever 21(see like) | Top: Nordstrom | Shoes: Jimmy Choo (see like) |
Look 3-   | Skirt: Nordstrom(see like) | Top: Forever 21 | Shoes: Jimmy Choo (see like) |

                | Sunglasses: Tory Butch | Hat: Nordstrom | Jewelry: Michael Kors

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I have a huge Cabo crush (part one)

So, I've always had a huge crush on Cabo and I'm in a life long love affair with traveling! Some of my first and favorite memories are trips my dad took us on as kids and while growing up. One of the first trips I can remember is Cabo. I definitely blame my dad for my Cabo crush and my traveling gypsy soul. But let's not leave mom out! That would just be rude. I blame her for my serious shoe, clothes and sugar addictions. I really should be thanking them for introducing me to my favorite passions in life! 
 I've stayed in Cabo many times and this is the second time I have stayed at Cabo Azul.  It would take George Clooney inviting me to his private villa to consider staying somewhere else. Even then I would probably make him take me to Javier's in Cabo Azul for dinner.  It would be a huge compromise but I would consider it! ;) I'm happy I get to share my Cabo trip with you (minus George) but still amazing! 

Couldn't go to Cabo without my Jimmy Choo shoes!

I was a little more than a little excited to get out of the Utah cold! 

One of my favorite places to lounge.

Floating firebowls and floating beds in the pools.  So pretty at night!

Chips and guacamole ALL day EVERYDAY for this girl!

The spa was so beautiful and relaxing. One of the prettiest I've ever been too!

OBSESSED with this ceiling in the spa made from thousands of seashells. So cool!

Headed to my favorite restaurant in the resort called Javier's. Does the word Javier translate into the English word Heaven? If it doesn't it should because it's that heavenly! 

 Jumpsuits at Javier's! 

 | Dress: Nordstrom | Shoes: Jimmy Choo (see like)  | Jumpsuit: Nordstrom  | 
| Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti (see like) |

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Confessions of a Closet Target Shopper

It's the same story every single time.  I run into Target to buy some groceries. Before I know it I'm in the clothing, shoe, and accessory aisles secretly searching to spot my next fabulous finds.  I really do have good intentions of just buying those bananas, chocolate chips and vitamins. But since it is confession time I'll be honest. I don't even take vitamins and my love/obsession for getting a good deal trumps any attempt of ever leaving Target with just groceries. So, I'm finally coming out of the closet and sharing my Target confessions with you.  

These pants (less than $18) and clutch (less than $15) are two of my recent favorite Target finds.  I can't tell you how many people have complimented me on them and asked me where I got these fancy pants from. I love the reaction I get when I tell people I got these items from a little quaint boutique I like to call Target. So, go find yourself some Target treasures too. Chances are I'll see ya there! :) 

Pants: Target | Clutch: Target | Earrings: J Crew (See Like)  | Jacket: H&M (See Like) | Shoes: ASOS  

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