Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Carousel Play + Giveaway(winner)!

Winner of bag giveaway picked at random is:
Congrats! Email krissycoco@gmail.com to arrange shipping! 

Carousel play and a giveaway...how can today not be good?! I love this outfit that I got at Soel Boutique! It's just the perfect casual look to chill in, run around town wearing or riding carousels all day if you want too! And if by chance you are in the mood and go...you will realize as I did that you can't carousel and not be blissfully happy...it's literally impossible! ;) However, I think this outfit made me even happier! I could seriously wear this outfit everyday! It's so comfy and cute...a killer combination wouldn't you say?! 
 I also love this blue bag...it's always been one of my favorite colors and I am loving that it's such a hot color this season. This bag is so great because it literally goes with any outfit. Perfect with all those spring dresses, shorts, jeans and everything in between! It's the perfect size to take on the go for all the fun springy events and also such a fun color to brighten up any occasion. So I'm sharing the love of this bag with one of you! Can't wait to be twinners with someone and rock this bag in style! 

To Enter Giveaway:

Must be following my instagram @krissycoco_style
Tag 3 people and like picture under the instagram giveaway picture
Winner will be announced on blog Friday May 2, 2014


| Shirt: Here (on sale!) | Vest: Here (similar) | Jeans: Here | Shoes: Here | Bag: Here
| Earrings: See Like | | Watch: Here | Ring: Here

Photos: @jessakaephoto

Hair/Makeup: @brittayn

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Fever..

Everyday is feeling more and more like spring which means I'm wearing more and more color! I've been loving pastels lately but couldn't pass up this hot pink Hobo bag! This bright pop of pink just makes me happy! I've been swinging it around all over town...(sorry to all those people who accidentally got in the way:) My apologies! Sometimes I can get a little excited! Speaking of excitement...when I saw this skirt I knew it would be my perfect spring/summer staple skirt that I could dress up or down throughout the upcoming sunny months.  I paired it with this adorbs sleeveless polka dot denim shirt...I think mixing the patterns keeps it fresh and fun for spring! 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Overall I'm in..

So when it comes to overalls I've notice a VERY intense reaction with people either loving them or hating them! I'm just loving the reactions! Who knew people could get so passionate about some denim? Well, as for me I'm loving that they are back in style. I wore them ALL the time in High School and it's fun to get to wear them again...this time with a girly twist! Personally, I like to dress up my overalls. A lot of people think overalls are unflattering but if you wear them the right way they are HOT! Pair with a heel or wedge to get some extra height, add a light blouse, some fun jewelry and finish with some flirty hair! So, I'm giving this old High School comeback a big rad high five! :)

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Overalls: Here | Blouse: Here | Shoes: Here | Bracelet: Here | Earrings: Here | Necklace: Here |
| Ring: Here


Monday, April 7, 2014

Confessions of a former Tanaholic + Obagi Skincare & Elase Giveaway!!!

Where do I even start with my skin?! I guess the beginning is a good place huh?! Hi my name is Kris and I'm a recovering Tanaholic. Oh man, that felt good to get off my chest (and my face:)! Well, let's just get right down to the gory details shall we? I remember during my teen years I would spend hours and hours with my friends just baking in the sun at the local pool, park or lake. I would literally cover my entire body and face with baby oil! Had I heard of sunblock? Yes...it was that stuff that made me NOT tan...ummm no thanks! Just thinking about the damage I did gives me CHILLS (the bad kind...not the kind you get when those shoes you've been obsessing over are now on sale) I remember one time (and by one I mean several) when I would come home from a trip and not feel "tan enough" so I would go to the tanning beds...sometimes twice...just to make sure I was extra crispy! haha If that's not a Tanoholic I don't know what is! Anyway, if any of you have even come close to this tan insanity there is still hope! 

Because of all this sun exposure I eventually started seeing sun spots, wrinkles, discoloration..you name it and I had it. My skin looked like crap! I also developed Melasama, also called "pregnancy mask" caused by hormones and worsens with sun exposure. Well being an esthetician and learning about the skin I knew I needed to start covering my face and find a way to undo the damage I had caused. I can tell you I have tried everything under the sun (pun intended:) and nothing was working for me. And then I stumbled into heaven...I mean Elase and found Obagi. I'm not saying it's a miracle...but it's a miracle. At least for me it has been. I don't promote ANYTHING I don't use or am fully obsessed with. I know there are other amazing products out there but for me Obagi is my miracle. I use Obagi skincare all year round but I like to get the kit every spring to basically "Spring Clean" my skin and get it extra ready for summer. It has virtually erased all my sunspots and my Melasama has disappeared and will stay that way as long as I keep my face out of the sun and wear sunblock!

If anyone has any skin issues I totally recommend going into Elase and getting a free skin analysis and getting on a skin program.  It is never to late to have the skin you have always wanted! In my experience, when my skin was at its worse I was always trying to hide my face because I was self conscious and embarrassed and that is NO way to live. There are so many treatments available now and if there is one tip I can give you from all my skin ranting it's WEAR SUNSCREEN and cover that face!!! Prevention is half the battle!

Lucky for you the amazing Elase Medical Spa is offering both a treatment & prevention in an awesome giveaway! Enter to win a Glycolic Chemical Peel (perfect for spring renewal of the skin) and also my favorite Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF (which I use and comes in Obagi Nu Derm Kit.) Treatment can be redeemed at any of their locations! To enter is so easy!

To Enter Giveaway:

1. Must be following @krissycoco_style instagram
2. Must be following @elasespas instagram
3. Like and tag 3 friends on the picture posted on @krissycoco_style instragram
4. Winner will be picked at random and posted here on Friday April 11th, 2014

Good luck everyone!! 

Also, even if you don't win giveaway come join me for a Girls Night Out filled with pampering, prizes, discounts on products and treatments, sweet treats and more! I will be at Draper location so come on in and let's party for a great cause! You don't want to miss this! 


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