Friday, November 14, 2014

Dress Crush...

I had love at first site the second I saw this dress from Recycled Consign & Design! I love the combo of black & white. Always have and always will! It is so versatile and easy to change the look up! I knew this dress would be a perfect staple piece for my wardrobe! I styled it with some burgundy leggings and booties for a little pop of color and added warmth! It's getting cooold around here! Since these pictures were taken its already snowed! I'm not ready for winter! Scroll down for some other ideas on how to style this dress! 

For colder weather I would style this dress with some over the knee socks and over the knee boots, scarf and a bright wool coat! For warmer weather I would wear this dress just with some cute booties and a colored clutch and accessories! I'm loving emerald green right now as an accent color! Check out my instagram @ms_krissycoco to see how I keep styling one of my seasons favorites! 

You can find this dress and all other new items at Recycled Consign & Design
Also you can check out other accessories worn in this post below as well as other items to style this dress with! Hope you all have an amazing weekend! :)


Tuesday, November 11, 2014


How cute is this GIRL BOSS tee from Style Lately?! Ummm, sooo cute! I have been living in printed tees, plaids and comfy pants lately cuz I'm the boss and can wear what I want! ;) This girl boss has had a lot of major changes happen over the last few years and the last few months. Some days I feel so alive like there are thousands of bright stars burning inside me. Other days I feel so small like every atom of my being could slip through space without anyone even noticing. Sometimes I feel so strong I think I could hold the entire planet together and then there are those nights I'm as fragile as a paper doll...carefully and purposely crafted yet so easy to tear apart. What I've realized is that it's ALL okay! Being a girl boss means embracing every single piece of you! 

I think there comes a point in everyones life when you truly become your own "GIRL BOSS" You become fearless. It's not that the fears go away but you stop being afraid of them and giving them power. You become fierce, no longer scared of failing or falling or of life itself. You finally start living YOUR life. This may happen at a different age for every woman but I know it's happened to me. 

I literally can say I do not care what anyone thinks or says about me. This might sound harsh but it's actually the opposite. To love yourself and be yourself is brave and bold and so boss! This is kinda a big deal for a former miss people pleaser! Doing, acting, saying and being whatever anyone and everyone wanted me to be. I barely even remember that girl feels like a lifetime ago and sometimes seems like it wasn't even me.

Perhaps when this happens we realize life isn't about getting approval, money, security, or even love but to live this life in our own deeply unique, authentic, real way which can be done however we want! The point is to have the courage and strength to be your own "GIRL BOSS" in your life! Hope you all have an amazing day! 

Find this awesome tee and sooooo many more amazing finds at Style Lately! Also, here are some items shown or similar in this post! 


Friday, November 7, 2014

TGIF & Thank Goodness for Buns!

TGIF everyone! First off let me apologize for the scary Selfie! I honestly am trying not to burst out laughing! I am the worst selfie taker of all time but wanted to show you my top knot bun! It has saved me on many many days when I just don't feel like washing my hair or styling my hair. This is the perfect hair style to give your hair a break because this bun actually works better when your hair hasn't been washed for a couple days! Yaaay!  

The thing I love most about buns is you can make it as causal or as fancy as you want! It seriously takes no time at all but if you wear this hairdo with a fancy outfit you seriously could look like you're ready for the Oscars! So, even though this is the easiest hair style ever and your hair can be dirty and gross nobody will know! I posted my favorite tutorial from's exactly how I do my bun! I love how she shows a couple different styles and also shows how to do buns if you have extensions! A ton of people I am friends with have extensions and I have them on and off so it shows both ways! Hope you all have an amazing weekend and whether you're staying inside or going out try a bun for fun! I promise you'll be obsessed! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

it's magic magic magic!!!

So I have two problems...well I actually have like 99 but let's just talk about two today!:) I hate water and I never get thirsty. I know hate is a strong word but for some reason I have just always hated the taste of water.  I also rarely get thirsty which is so weird because I've always had a very active lifestyle! I don't drink soda or really anything so basically I have been permanently dehydrated my entire life without realizing it! 

My mom always said half my health problems would go away if I started drinking water...but who listens to their moms?! I didn't! Years later I have finally come to realize she was totally right! Shhhh...don't tell her I said that! Our secret! ;) Did you know that the number one cause of daytime fatigue is lack of WATER!!!! While lack of sleep, lack of food or even overeating can cause daytime fatigue the number one cause is lack of water intake! That little piece of info blew my mind! 

Maybe some of you are like thanks Coco I've known that for years but water intake doesn't just effect your energy levels. It basically effects everything from your skin to food digestion, absorption, circulation, transportation of nutrients and body temperature...and I'm literally naming just a few! I eat very healthy and eat foods that are medicine for my body. I had no idea water was basically a nutrient in liquid form.

So here are just a couple Coco tips I have learned the hard way that I want to share with you! If you exercise a lot you are losing fluid.  Active people need to actually drink way more water than recommended to compensate for fluid lost by sweating.  Water also keeps your skin looking good! Dehydration makes your skin look dry, wrinkled and crappy! But it can be improved with hydration. Water also helps your kidneys by transporting toxins and waste products out of your body.

Water also helps maintain normal bowel movements. I'm sorry but constipation is the worst!!! I"ve struggled with it my entire life! TMI? Just trying to help people! #realtalk So, all this info is pointless unless you actually start drinking water! I don't know if I will ever like water so here are some ideas I do to get my water intake daily.

I am obsessed with fruit! Like I literally LOVE it! So why not put something sweet, healthy and nutritious into my water to make it taste better?! I love any fruit in my water! Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and mint (which has antiseptic properties) make my water oh so sweet!

There are a lot of things people don't love doing but we just sometimes have to do it! I wake up every morning and the first thing I do is drink 20 ounces of water.  I have just realized I have to make it a priority in my life. I know if I can drink water right away I will be more aware to drink more water throughout the day. I also carry a water bottle in my car. The constant visual is a reminder to keep drinking all day.  I also eat a TON of fruits and veggies because they have such a high water content! 

I can't even describe to you the difference I feel physically, emotionally and mentally since I started drinking water. I literally feel it's a miracle! Better than any vitamin or food! My skin has started glowing, I have sooooo much more energy, I crave less sugar, and my body is starting to work as it should! If you already love water still try adding some fruit for extra nutrients! It's so yummy and fun to switch it up!

Ps...I used artificial flavoring for a long time and I don't recommend it for the long haul.  I read up on the side effects and I literally had every single one and felt like crap.  I will do another post on my findings and own experience using artificial sweeteners! Happy hump day ya all! Go get your drink on! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Fave Season & Fave Vest!

I honestly don't think there is anything better than Autumn...except for maybe this vest! I'm gonna call it a tie since I don't like to play favorites. Seriously though could this season and vest be any more perfect?! I love everything about this time of year! I love the smell in the air, the changing leaves, the hot chai and of course the wardrobe! I love getting to pull out all my boots, booties, scarfs and all the fun fall accessories that come with this season. It's basically the only thing that keeps me sane since I know winter is right around the corner! (This girl does not like the cold!) 

When I saw this vest from Recycled Design I knew I had to add it to my staple fall attire! It's is soooo comfy and I love mixing it with different items to create totally different looks! It is the perfect fall staple and I seriously feel I could wear it everyday...which I do! Is it just me or do you guys also have a closet full of clothes but seem to wear like a variation of the same stuff daily?! Maybe it's just me but I definitely have my favorite I guess I do play favorites after all! Haha

K so if you guys haven't checked out Recycled Design it's time you do! I'm kind of obsessed with their store, their website, everything they carry and they just got a bunch of new stuff in! I also couldn't pass up getting the most adorable dress you have ever seen in your freaking life! I will be posting soon so keep an eye out! Hope you all have an amazing autumn day! 


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