Friday, January 24, 2014

a few of my favorite things..

Hello peeps! Welcome to a few of my favorite things! One of my favorite things is finding amazing clothes that are affordable. I'm a single girl in the city who loves shopping but I still gotta pay the bills too! So, whenever I am shopping I'm always looking for a good deal. I couldn't believe this faux leather dress and sweater were only $30 each! (yep still obsessed with leather:) I really like mixing items that are less expensive but still look amazing with a few of my higher end staples like my favorite Louboutin boots! I also like mixing new items like my new favorite J Crew jewelry with my favorite oldie but goodie bag. And of course I can't be talking about my favorite things and not mention Michael Kors...the man has my heart! And Friday just happens to be my favorite day so Happy Friday friends! Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Dress: Nordstrom (on sale 55% off!) | Sweater: Nordstrom (on sale 50% off!) | Earring: J Crew
| Bracelet: J Crew | Bag: Dolce and Gabbana (See Like) | 
| Gem Ring: See Like | Bracket Ring: Michael Kors (See Like) | Boots: Christian Louboutin |

and my favorite girls...
Photos: Jessa Maddocks:
Hair/Makeup: Vivian Johnson

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