Thursday, April 10, 2014

Overall I'm in..

So when it comes to overalls I've notice a VERY intense reaction with people either loving them or hating them! I'm just loving the reactions! Who knew people could get so passionate about some denim? Well, as for me I'm loving that they are back in style. I wore them ALL the time in High School and it's fun to get to wear them again...this time with a girly twist! Personally, I like to dress up my overalls. A lot of people think overalls are unflattering but if you wear them the right way they are HOT! Pair with a heel or wedge to get some extra height, add a light blouse, some fun jewelry and finish with some flirty hair! So, I'm giving this old High School comeback a big rad high five! :)

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Overalls: Here | Blouse: Here | Shoes: Here | Bracelet: Here | Earrings: Here | Necklace: Here |
| Ring: Here


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