Monday, May 5, 2014

One Dress Three Ways..


| Hat: Here | Glasses: Here | Dress: Here | Bag: Here | Sandals: Here | Earrings: Here
| Necklace: Here | Ring: Here | Bangles: Here |


| Sunglasses: Same as Look 1 | Earrings: Same as Look 1 | Sweater: Here | Necklace: Same as Look 1 | Dress: Same as Look 1 | Sandals: Same as Look 1 |


Glasses: Here | Necklaces: Same as Look 1 | Dress: Same as Look 1 | Denim Jacket: Here | Belt: Here | | Sandals: Same as Look 1 |

So, we might as well start this post by stating the obvious fact that I'm obsessed with stripes! Well it wasn't so obvious to me! Honestly, I didn't even realize how obsessed I was until I was packing heading home from a trip and noticed my phone cover, wallet, suitcase, underwear, swimsuits and about 63% of my clothes were stripes! So I'm embracing my love for stripes and showing how you can love a trend or certain style or item and make it look different and fresh by switching up just a few accessories!

The main outfit I wore was this darling dress, my favorite necklace, bangles and earrings of the moment and my Sam Edelman sandals (which you will see me wearing ALL season.) 

Look One: I added a cute straw hat, aviators and a cute little purse!
Look Two: I took away hat and purse and added a thin cream sweater which you can wear loose or tie on the side! Adorable!!
Look Three: I took away sweater and added a denim jacket, some funky red ray bans and a thin brown belt. 

These are just small simple changes and I even kept a lot of the basic accessories the same but it shows what a big difference small chances make! And if you wanted to transition into night...add some heels and a blazer and glam jewels, clutch and fun bun updo and you're good to go! 

Photos by the amazing Annie Randall! I cannot describe her amazing talents and what a sweetheart she is to work with! We had such a fun time! 


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