Thursday, October 16, 2014

Be perfectly imperfect you!

I love this quote so much and I'll tell you why.  Nobody on this earth is perfect. Nobody.  I truly believe it is great to strive for growth, progression and bettering yourself but you don't need to be perfect to do that. I know in my own life I am mainly inspired by people who are no where close to being perfect! I'm inspired by people who have been dealt the difficult hand in life. The people who have gone through major struggles, issues and painful experiences and are brave enough to talk about it and share their REAL life with others. I am grateful for these people because they have helped me realize it's ok not to be perfect! If we use these "imperfections" to learn, grow and help others that is what is beautiful and inspiring to your own soul and other people! 
I feel it's human nature though to want to portray an ideal image of perfection and a perfect life.  I live in a culture where I think it's even worse than the norm! It's even harder when you go on social media and see everyone's "perfect" lives posted daily.  I've had so many friends tell me they have gone off social media because it makes them feel bad about their own "not so perfect lifes" and I totally get it! When you are looking at perfect bodies, hair, flawless skin, perfect homes, perfect families, perfect jobs, perfect everything, it's hard not to compare....and then despair!!! 
So I just want to say you don't have to try so hard to be perfect! Nobody you see that seems like they have it all together does. Most people are fighting battles that we just don't know about. Once you realize YOU are perfectly imperfect, once you become your own best friend the world starts looking and feeling a whole lot better! I love this song I posted below because it speaks to my heart! It inspires me and says what I've been rambling about in this post! I hope you all listen to this song and have a beautiful day! still have until Friday to enter the Zoonys Giveaway! All you have to do is go to Facebook and LIKE my new facebook! Winners will be announced tomorrow! Link on sidebar! 

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