Monday, November 3, 2014

Fave Season & Fave Vest!

I honestly don't think there is anything better than Autumn...except for maybe this vest! I'm gonna call it a tie since I don't like to play favorites. Seriously though could this season and vest be any more perfect?! I love everything about this time of year! I love the smell in the air, the changing leaves, the hot chai and of course the wardrobe! I love getting to pull out all my boots, booties, scarfs and all the fun fall accessories that come with this season. It's basically the only thing that keeps me sane since I know winter is right around the corner! (This girl does not like the cold!) 

When I saw this vest from Recycled Design I knew I had to add it to my staple fall attire! It's is soooo comfy and I love mixing it with different items to create totally different looks! It is the perfect fall staple and I seriously feel I could wear it everyday...which I do! Is it just me or do you guys also have a closet full of clothes but seem to wear like a variation of the same stuff daily?! Maybe it's just me but I definitely have my favorite I guess I do play favorites after all! Haha

K so if you guys haven't checked out Recycled Design it's time you do! I'm kind of obsessed with their store, their website, everything they carry and they just got a bunch of new stuff in! I also couldn't pass up getting the most adorable dress you have ever seen in your freaking life! I will be posting soon so keep an eye out! Hope you all have an amazing autumn day! 


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