Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year New You!

Hello hello! Hope you all are having a good day and a good start to the new year! I don't know about you but I love making new years resolutions! I use to make waaaaay to many goals and most of them were just unrealistic and therefore I just became overwhelmed and ended up not do any them! The last couple years I decided to make fewer goals in the areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual improvement.  I feel when I do this I don't feel so overwhelmed and I actually accomplish my goals!

I already started the new year off with a 3 day juice cleanse from Ivie Juice Bar which I loved! I feel clean and detoxed with tons of energy!  One of my other new years resolutions has been to change up my workout routine.  I have been doing the same thing for years and it's time to mix things up! I always find working out is easier and more fun when you bring a friend along! Especially on those days you don't want to get your bum out of bed you have a person to push you and vice versa!

So my bestie SaraJane from www.burnitbeauty.com came up with a really easy but effective workout plan for us to do! We workout together 4 days a week. 2 days we focus on strength by doing light weights one day and yoga for the other. Then the other two days we focus on cardio by doing a fun aerobics class or stairstepper! The time flies when you are working out with a friend! And since your body has muscle memory it's always a good idea to change up your workout to get better results! 

We both love working out in our Georgie Wear outfits or wearing them after when we head to get a smoothie, juice to replenish our bodies! They are so comfy to workout in and so cute to run all our errands in after! Check out their site for all their different styles! I always feel when I am wearing cute stuff to workout in it just gives me even more motivation to keep up with my workout goals! Hope you all have an amazing day! :)

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