Sunday, March 22, 2015

Magic for that time of the month!

I know how we should probably talk about how I need a manicure in a major way but there are more important things to talk about! Like cramps and bloating and serious PMS! We all know that time of the month can be no fun! I have always had very severe cramps and PMS every month since as long as I can remember.  In high school I use to have to stay home from school every month for a couple days because I couldn't even get out of bed because my cramps were so bad! 

So when I started using Clarycalm I literally felt like I had found a miracle! I rub Clarycalm on my stomach and massage it around.  It has helped so much with my cramps and PMS.  I also layer my Clarycalm with Whisper to relax. Clarycalm works really well with heat! So, another great tip is to put a heating pad over your stomach once you apply your oils! I also take Lavender Epsom Salt Baths to help with bloating! It also keeps me calm and helps with my mood and sleep.

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You can also go to to read more about Doterra Oils and all their natural healing benefits! If you want to buy oils Wholesale you can sign up and pay $35 and get everything Doterra wholesale for the entire year! 

Hope you all have a cramp free and happy magical month! :)

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