Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wild Orange Oil..

Happy Hump day peeps! Wanted to share with ya all one of my favorite oils! It's Wild Orange! There are so many ways to use this oil but I wanted to focus on using it when traveling! Flying and driving can be really draining and exhausting for the mind and body…especially when you are traveling a lot! 

It just starts to wear you down! I know for me after awhile I just feel low energy, physically tired and become more prone to sickness. So I started taking Wild Oil with me during my travels and road trips and it has helped me so much! It really gives me added energy and revitalizes my mind and body! It also protects against harsh environmental and seasonal factors and has amazing immune enhancing benefits to fight off getting sick! Obsessed!!!

Here is how I use Wild Orange:

I add a drop of oil into my water (always drink a lot of water while traveling to decrease bloat and dehydration)

Rub on inside of wrist 

Add a drop to palms of hand and rub in. Bring palms up to face and cup over nose and inhale deeply three times! 

If you have any questions about this oil and or oils you can email me at

Also, you can check out for info on oils! For $35 a year you get all Doterra product at wholesale!! Woot Woot! Seriously amazing if you want to start incorporating natural healing into your everyday life! 

Have an amazing day loves! :)

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