Friday, March 27, 2015

Aubergine Love + Giveaway Winner!

Scroll down for Aubergine $50 Gift Card Giveaway Winner!!!

Oh yeah ya all! Happy Friday! I am SO excited to share with you one of my favorite places ever and give you all a chance to win a giveaway to try all their deliciousness! I have always been a foodie and use to be a gourmet baker. Over the years I have changed my diet so I can feel and look as healthy as possible! Eating healthy does not mean you have to sacrifice taste! In fact I have never felt so healthy and satisfied in my life when it comes to the food I eat.

That is what I love about Aubergine! There philosophy is to improve the health of others. They are driven by the principle that food is medicine…like really yummy out of this world medicine that makes you look and feel better! True beauty and health really does begin within! But seriously lets start talking about all their amazing food! 

Aubergine has soooo many items that I'm obsessed with! There literally isn't one thing I've tried that hasn't blown my mind! They offer healthy, natural, fresh house-made salads, salad dressings, sandwiches, soups, acai/pitaya bowls, smoothies, juices, desserts and pastries without ANY preservatives, sugars or unhealthy fats. Its such a good feeling to be able to eat out and know that no matter what you order off the menu you are getting something that is healthy, nutritious and delicious! Scroll down for some of my favorite items and also info on how to enter giveaway! 

I have been lactose intolerant since 2005! Dairy is one of the hardest foods for the human body to digest! However, in the past creamy soup was always a comfort food for me! When I went into Aubergine the first time and realized they had a variety of creamy soups that were dairy free and made "creamy" using tofu and raw cashews I was in heaven! Truly never tasted soups so yummy! 

Does this picture even need an explanation of how delicious it is?! Cocoa Blast Smoothie is a must try! 

I might not dress granola but I definitely eat granola! Probably one of my top ten favorite foods! I just love that you can eat it as a snack or use as topping on acai, pitaya, smoothies or nice creams…. really the possibilities are endless! Like everything else Aubergine makes their granola in house using all natural ingredients! Sugar free and so nutritious! Filled with multi seed blend and gluten-free oats! Heaven!

I might have become obsessed with Pitaya just because it's so pretty! haha Then I tasted it and my obsession turned into full blown true love! lol Their pitaya is raw and 100% pure. It's an amazing source of antioxidants, fiber and vitamins. Eating raw and clean is really so essential to strengthening the immune system and increasing energy! 

Don't ask me how these muffins made it from Utah to Vegas without me eating them all! (I may or may not have eaten all the cookies though) K we all know I ate all the cookies! Don't judge! lol These muffins are amazing!! The Zucchini muffin is my favorite! 

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to talking about Aubergines salads! I could right a 60 page thesis paper on them! The have so many different kinds! You can chopped up all your favorite ingredients to customize your own, make a salad plate or try one of their amazing salad inventions off the menu! 

So, as I said before I brought a ton of cookies with me for my drive back down to Vegas and yes I ate them all! I have a serious sweet tooth and that is NEVER going to go away! You could say I'm somewhat of a dessert snob and I'm very picky about my desserts! A lot of "healthy" desserts are disgusting! (real talk) Lol! So, these cookies are one of my favorite finds! Pecan Date, Almond, Carob Chip…all amazing!

These are just a few of my favorite foods from Aubergine and Company but you can check out more of their food on their website :)  

I'm honestly so excited to give you all the chance to win a $50 gift card to Aubergine! I love sharing my passion for food and health! Anyone 18 years and older in the USA can enter giveaway. If you live in Utah you can go in and eat or if you live out of state they can ship out any of their house made granola, muffins, cookies and desserts! 

To Enter Giveaway is super easy:

1. Must be following @cocoandcoconuts instagram (link on side right side of page)
2. Must be following @aubergineandcompany instagram
4. Tag as many friends as you want! Each tag is one entry! Please tag each friend in separate comment!
5. For TEN additional entry posts repost picture on your instragram and tag me so I know! 




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